Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Bits

Cinderella III? Pocahontas II? Methinks Disney needs new ideas.

They ganged up on me :'(

Monday, December 24, 2007


People actually clear their trays after eatng here. What a novel concept. Drivers give way to you when you signal. The experience of a Stop sign is rather shocking after what I've experienced in Singapore. Smiles and "Thank you"s greet me when I hold the door open for people. Unlike the total aloofness and/or indifference I get in Harry's Island. People trust people. The return policy ROCKS! Free air-con all day. Great food. Comcast & Dish Network rock. Shopshopshopshopshopshopshopshopshopshopshop.

I know this is really random, that's why I friggin named this post Smörgåsbord.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby's day out.

My aunt is really busy, so I don't go out much.

But, this trip, I brought my driving licence with me. Ergo, I CAN DRIVE!

They have extra cars, so I borrowed one today.

My car for the day: My uncle's old ES 300. It may be old, but it sure is in good condition. Only a few dings here and there. It's gonna be my cousin's first car next year, but for today, it's all mine!

The steering wheel beckons. My uncle also loaned me a GPS so I wouldn't drive myself to Timbuctoo(sic).

I know this is a piss poor picture but it's the only non-blurry one I have for now(I have got to get me a T200.). If you look through the windshield, you'll notice that all cars park "head in" here. I wonder why. It's a pain the ass when you wanna move on to your next destination. Oh well, when in Rome...

Went to Target and Borders. Finally found my Barricade. They had another version called "Recon Barricade" too but the original Barricade looks cooler.


Went to this joint called Baja Fresh that serves Mexican food. Got me some fajitas.

Mmm-mmm good.

Check out the view outside the store.

Popular TV shows like 24, Smallville, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy and Lost have their own magazines here for their crazy fans.

My loot for the day.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Leavin' on a jet plane

Greetings from San Ramon!

Really jetlagged, so I won't say much. Just gonna post a bunch of pictures that I took on the way.

Didn't bring my camera, using my phone to snap, so pics won't be the best.

Mickey D's at Narita Airport

Tried this new burger called McPork. The patty tastes like the sausage that comes with the Big Breakfast, in a sauce that tastes like the sauce in the Samurai burger.

The plane that would take me to San Francisco.

Waited around 4 hours in Narita. Lotsa eye candy but I didn't want to the creepy thing that some of you (you know who you are) requested: follow them around, take their pictures and post here for your perverted viewing pleasure. Want to see, go see for yourselves. But I have to say this: Japanese girls, UP LAH!

Couldn't really take pics in SFO cause of security.

The freeway that connects my aunt's house and the airport was under renovation and it would waste a lot of her time to come pick me up, so i took the BART, their version of the MRT.

I don't know if you can see it, but in the BK poster above, it says "Now you can pay rent and eat". It's pretty sad when it's the main tagline of a poster advertising for a major fast food company. Kinda shows the level of poverty in the area. Not that Singapore is that far behind. Look for it soon on the MRT.

McAfee Coliseum. Your antivirus dollars at work.