Monday, July 21, 2008


Which Dark Knight Character Are You?

You are Joker. When people see you coming they usually scurry away like mice! You are moody and dark and extremely intense. You can be cool and calm one moment, but then wild and crazy the next! You seek revenge on those that have hurt you- and your revenge is often much worse than anything imagined. You are a feared leader, and take challenges very seriously. You will do whatever it takes- with no exception- to get what you want. You are confident and intelligent and tell the world exactly what you think- and you apologize for nothing!

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Which Star Wars Character Are You?

You are Darth Vader. Secrets are kept within your soul for ages, and you only reveal them when the perfect opportunity presents itself. You are not purely evil, but let's just say you need to chill out a little bit! You are a leader- and because of that have a great responsibility to make sure you lead people down the right path. You will seize control of situations by any means necessary- and you do so with no regrets (and you probably throw in an evil laugh too!)

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